How to Get Approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice in 2024

Amazon has continually revolutionized the e-commerce world, and one of its offerings that caters specifically to businesses is Amazon Pay by Invoice. This allows you to make purchases and pay for them within a specified period, typically 30 days after the invoice date.

It’s convenient and beneficial, especially for managing cash flow. However, getting approved for this payment method can be a bit confusing. Today, we’ll dive into how to get approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice.

As someone who has navigated the maze of Amazon’s various payment options, I can attest to the convenience and flexibility that Amazon Pay by Invoice brings to the table. Let’s unravel this together.

In the upcoming article, I will also cover Amazon payments, specifically focusing on the topic of Utilizing a Vanilla Gift Card on Amazon. You can look forward to reading it. If you have any specific questions or need further information, please feel free to ask when the article is available.

How to Get Approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice

What is Amazon Pay by Invoice?

Amazon Pay by Invoice is an account-based payment method aimed at businesses. It allows companies to receive an invoice for their Amazon orders and pay within a stipulated period, usually within 30 days.

Benefits of Using Amazon Pay by Invoice

  • Cash Flow Management: It helps in optimizing cash flow by providing a credit period.
  • Streamlined Accounting: With invoicing, your accounts department can manage finances more effectively.
  • Bulk Orders: Ideal for businesses that make bulk purchases.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Business Account: You must have an Amazon Business Account.
  2. Order History: A consistent and reliable order history is generally preferred.
  3. Creditworthiness: Some basic credit checks may be done to determine your eligibility.

How to Apply for Amazon Pay by Invoice

Step 1: Sign In or Create an Amazon Business Account

You must have an Amazon Business Account to be eligible. If you don’t have one, you can easily create it.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Payment Methods’

Go to your account settings and navigate to the ‘Payment Methods’ section.

Step 3: Apply for Pay by Invoice

Here, you’ll find the option to apply for Amazon Pay by Invoice. Follow the on-screen instructions, which will usually involve filling out some financial information and possibly undergoing a credit check.

Step 4: Await Approval

Amazon will review your application and notify you once you’re approved.

Steps to Make a Purchase Using Amazon Pay by Invoice

  1. Shop as Usual: Add items to your cart.
  2. Checkout: Go to the checkout page.
  3. Select Pay by Invoice: From the payment options, select ‘Pay by Invoice’.
  4. Complete the Transaction: Confirm your order, and you’ll receive an invoice via email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Any Business Apply for Amazon Pay by Invoice?

Generally, yes. However, Amazon does consider your order history and may perform a credit check.

What is the Typical Credit Period?

The standard credit period is 30 days, but this can vary.

Is There a Spending Limit?

Yes, Amazon may set a spending limit based on your creditworthiness and history with them.

How Do I Pay the Invoice?

You can pay the invoice through a bank transfer, credit card, or any other payment method that Amazon accepts.


Amazon Pay by Invoice is a flexible and convenient payment option for businesses. It helps in cash flow management and streamlines accounting processes.

To get approved, you generally need a business account, a good order history, and may also need to pass a credit check. Once approved, you can easily select this option at checkout and enjoy extended payment periods.

Personal Experience: Writing this guide has been like a walk down memory lane. When my business was in its early stages, the accounting aspects seemed like a jungle.

Amazon Pay by Invoice was a game-changer for us, simplifying our bulk orders and extending our payment timelines. Understanding how to get approved and making the most out of this service has been beneficial, and I believe it can be for you too.

I hope this guide helps you in your quest to manage your business finances more efficiently. Good luck, and may your cash flow be ever in your favor!