How Much Does Six Flags Parking Cost in 2024?

As a professional journalist with a keen interest in lifestyle and entertainment, I’ve been to Six Flags more times than I can count. The roller coasters and attractions never get old. Yet, there’s one aspect of the theme park experience that’s often overlooked but can add up quickly: parking costs.

This is a topic close to my wallet I mean heart as I’ve navigated the parking intricacies over the years. In today’s article, let’s dissect the cost of Six Flags parking and discuss some strategies to save a few bucks.

One of the oft-overlooked expenses during a trip to Six Flags is the cost of parking. We all gear up for the adrenaline-pumping rides but tend to forget this added cost. As someone who was once shocked by a $30 parking fee on top of my admission ticket, I can tell you: being informed can save you money and hassle.

How Much Does Six Flags Parking Cost

Six Flags Standard Costs for Parking

Depending on the location and the type of parking you choose, the rates can vary. However, the general range for standard parking usually sits between $20 and $30 per vehicle. Payments can be made using Apple Pay and Google Pay as options.

Six Flags Premium and Preferred Parking Options

For those who want a premium experience, Six Flags offers preferred parking options closer to the entrance. These can cost anywhere from $35 to $50.

Six Flags Seasonal Parking Passes

If you’re a frequent visitor to Six Flags, it might be cost-effective to invest in a seasonal parking pass. This pass typically costs around $65 to $80 and can be a significant money-saver for those who plan multiple trips.

Factors That Influence Parking Costs

1. Location

Some parks, especially those in larger cities, may have higher parking fees due to local demand.

2. Special Events

During special occasions like the Halloween Fright Fest or Fourth of July celebrations, the parking fee might spike due to increased attendance.

3. Online vs. Gate

Purchasing your parking ticket online might offer some discounts as opposed to buying at the gate.

Money-Saving Tips

  1. Buy Online: I always make it a point to check for online discounts before heading to the park.
  2. Carpool: Sharing a ride with friends not only saves gas but also splits the parking fee.
  3. Seasonal Parking Pass: If you’re planning more than two or three visits, a seasonal parking pass can be cost-effective.
  4. Check for Combo Deals: Sometimes Six Flags offers combo tickets that include both admission and parking at a discounted rate.


Can I leave the parking lot and come back the same day without an extra charge?

Yes, typically, you can exit and re-enter on the same day; just make sure you keep your parking stub.

Are RVs and Buses charged the same rate as cars?

No, larger vehicles like RVs and buses usually incur a higher parking fee.

Is handicap parking available?

Yes, handicap parking is available and usually at the standard parking rate, but it is closer to the park entrance.


When planning a trip to Six Flags, the cost of parking is an important consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Standard parking fees range between $20 and $30, while premium spots can go up to $50. A seasonal parking pass is a great way to save money if you’re a frequent visitor.

As someone who’s learned the hard way, I highly recommend checking online for potential discounts and considering the benefits of carpooling or seasonal passes.

Don’t let parking fees catch you by surprise on your next visit to Six Flags. With a little planning, you can save money and make your trip more enjoyable, ensuring the roller coasters are the only thing taking you for a ride.