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Slivovitz comes.  Slivovitz goes.  Distillers quit distilling.  Importers stop importing. Sometimes the Feds embargo the entire shipment for obscure reasons.  Distributors don't distribute.  We maintain the Library to help train new judges understand what we mean when we say that it 'had a bite like the old Brand X', because we bought the last available bottles before the Feds cleared them from the shelf.

Being a Slivovitz Judge requires an excellent memory.  A Master Slivovitz Judge can identify a plum brandy years after trying it once, and can do all kinds of slivoninja tricks.  It takes years of dedicated sipping to turn an ISTA  JourneyJudge into a Master Slivovitz Judge.  To help, we maintain a comprehensive library of brands and styles of slivovitz at our headquarters, and another duplicate library at a secure facility near Duluth, Minnesota. 

We have made it our mission to assemble the world's most complete collection of Slivovitz.  If you know of a brand that isn't represented in the library, let us know.  (we've done some of the sorting for you...)

Here's the alphabetical listing of every brand that we've tried or know about.  If a brand isn't here, drop me an email.  I'm Bill, and my email comes to me at 

NOTICE: Serbian Slivovitz Alert!  According to the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, almost half of all Serbian Slivovitz tested is not made from plums.  Serbian Slivovitz is made from corn or molasses with artificial colors and flavoring added. 


Badel 1862

BlackStar Farms

Bonfier Slivovice

Bogdanovic Stara Sokolova

Bozic's Plum Brandy

Budic Plum Brandy

Clear Creek Mirabelle

Clear Creek Blue Plum Brandy

Castle Spirits Spirit of Solomon

Castle Spirits Taam Pree

Cellar Radenkovic Kruna Plum Brandy

Distila Teteven (currently owned by R.Jelinek)

Etter - Kleines Pflümli (small plum)

Etter - Mirabelle (small yellow plum)

Etter - Eau de Vie Vieille Prune


Fassbind Pfluemli

Fassbind Brut de Prune

Fassbind Vielle Prune

Fassbind Mirabelle

Flores Bela Osa

Flores Zuta Osa

F. Meyer Grands Classiques - Mirabelle, 90 proof clear

F. Meyer Grands Classiques - Quetsch, 90 proof clear

F. Meyer Grands Classiques - Vieille Prune, 90 proof clear

F. Meyer Grande Reserve - Mirabelle, 90 proof clear

F. Meyer Grande Reserve - Quetsch, 90 proof clear

F. Meyer Variétés Rares - Prunelle

Gazdina Plum Brandy

Golden Biserka

Hillbillie's Slivovitz


Israeli Slivovitz - According to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, no slivovitz is produced in Israel

R Jelinek 10 Year Old Gold

R. Jelinek 5 year Old Glass Aged

Jubilejna Slivka

Katz Mea Culpa

Koenig Plum Eau de Vie 

Kopaničiarska zlatá slivka

Leon Slivka 40%

Luxardo Slivovitz 



Mosby Wines Distillato di Prugne Selvaggie 

Mosby Slivovitz

Navip Navip 

Nectar Sljivovica

Novo Hopopo Monastery

Old Herold Chalupárska slivková

Original Outlaw Slivovitz

Peach Street Distillers Jack and Jenny Plum Brandy

Polish Lacko Sliwowica (Look around their website, they now have a Satellite Slivovitz Festival!)

Polish Polmos Slivovitz 

Prima Slivovitz

Real Stamnica - Ranovcanka Plum Brandy

Rodrigues Plum Brandy 

Rubin Prepecenica

s52 Slivovica  

Sebor Distillery Prava  

Simex Šljivovica

Slovenska Rezana

Stefan Nemanja 

Srpska Trojka Plum Brandy

St. Nicolaus Outlaw Slivovitz 

St. Nicolaus Farmer Slivovitz 

Stringer's Orchard Plum Brandy 


Takovo Gornji Milanovac


Thomas Helferich

Tok Plum Brandy


United Balkan Trade Rakija Prepecenica

Vino Zupa

Vocar-Kopaonik Plum Brandy

Wilderer Distillery

Zaric Distillery

Zufanek Slivovitz Zusy

Zwack Slivovitz

Slivovitz bottles on a table.

If you've got slivovitz in your family history, you can guess why we're doing this.  For the rest of you...  Whether it's called plum brandy, Slivovitz, mirabelle, or quetsch, for generations slivovitz has toasted births, weddings, successes and failures.  It's how families greet returning members, celebrate victories, mourn defeat, and honor memories of our lost ones.  It's a part of our heritage, part of our bloodlines, part of who we are, and a reminder of where we come from.  Sipped, slammed, savored, or shot - Slivovitz will change your outlook on life just as it has for millions of fans for hundreds of years.  Na zdravlje!
The Slivovitz Festival was created by the Brothers Radosevich, and has grown with the assistance of fellow slivophiles into the premier Slivovitz Tasting event in the world.  We offer the most brands, the widest variety, the largest number of contries, and the most experienced judges to help you find a slivovitz that matches your taste.  Come by the Festival, and celebrate with us.