Slivovitz Styles:

Clear or Glass-aged

Because some Slivovitz gets drunk as fast as it gets distilled!

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Aged in glass: Usually 5 gallons at a time.

Aged in stainless steel: 5,000 liters only seems like a lot of Slivovitz.

Aged in Plastic: Yes, plastic.

Bottled directly: From the still into a tank where water is added to meet legal and market requirements for proof, then into bottles.

Bottled from the still Literally. Each bottle is filled as it comes from the still. This means that the first bottles contain incredible amounts of the aromatic heads, the middle bottles are essentially pure alcohol, and the final bottles contain the fusels and tails with a strong taste and oily texture. Generally not a legal distiller.

"Stovetop Style":
"Just because it comes from a your brother's kitchen stove doesn't mean it's not Slivovitz" V. Frankenstein, MD

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