Bottle of R. Jelinek Slivovitz kosher gold 10 year old Slivovitz

R. Jelinek Slivovitz kosher gold 10 year old

Czech Republic

12 varieties of plum brandy.

First, the Slivovitz. The Slivovitz Festival, with great beer, great food, and great music, is just another weekend without Slivovitz. That is what the Festival is all about. We started 4 years ago, devoting hundreds of hours of our time, and thousands of hard-earned dollars collecting, tasting, scoring, and reporting on brands from across the globe in preparation for the one day that we get to share it with 1,000 of our closest friends. It's all about what comes out of that bottle when you pour it.

R.Jelinek has managed to produce more Slivovitz than any other distiller, while maintaining the highest standards. There are a few craft distillers who can match R.Jelinek's high quality and great taste, who can both capture that delicate plum essence while balancing the bit of the pit and tang of the skin. The smaller craft distillers, like Clear Creek, Koenig, and Rodriguez, manage to pay homage to the spirit of the plum. R.Jelinek does it by the truckload, by the boatload, by the hundreds and thousands of cases, year after year after year.

But there is more:

R.Jelinek understands us, and understands just how deep Slivovitz loyalty runs. THEY INVENTED SLIVOVITZLAND! (ok, so they call it Distillery Land - but it's the same thing) They were the first to support the Festival, offering hundreds of shot glasses our first year, then shirts for their fans, and Slivovitz. Lots and lots of Slivovitz, to make sure that every single one of our guests - at our Festival and at our smaller Satellite Festivals - got a chance to try their excellent assortment of plum brandies. We couldn't have done the Festival without you! (Neil, we mean you as well! Thanks!)

If you only visit one distillery website, visit Join Jelinek's Slivovitz Friends Association, then come to the Festival to try their latest batch. We promise that you'll like one of their Slivovitz, but it's going to take you a while to try them all.

Got a big bonus this year, but don't want to brag to your friends? Shipping them a bottle of 10 year old Jelinek will get the message across - you're doing good, and they're important. All that in one bottle.

2012 Notes: Gold Medal - Wood Aged Slivovitz -

2006 Notes: Some times it is really difficult to be a Slivovitz Judge. Other times you get to sit down with a bunch of your friends and open a bottle of 10 year old Slivovitz. Judging Jelinek is one of the best things about judging. We usually use Reidel glassware for the tastings, but if you've got a big old brandy snifter, feel free to try a shot of Jelinek in it - just to experience that aroma. Relax, and tease out the oak. It's fun!

2005 Notes: Gold Award Wood aged Slivovitz - Smooth and perfectly aged. While the Judges have philosophical differences of opinion concerning the aging of slivovitz, we all agreed that this is the best of the aged in wood. If you were distilling in your backyard, and had a very, very good year, you’d want to save it for special occasions. R. Jelinek did the work for you already. If this isn’t in your slivovitz library, you’re not really a judge of slivovitz.

2004 Notes: Gold Award Wood aged Slivovitz - Smooth and perfectly aged, it’s “the perfect gift for your new father-in-law, and a great reason to visit him.” It is at its best at room temperature, in a glass big enough to let the aroma develop. Rich, earthy plums hiding in a clean woody aroma make for a contradiction in slivovitz. This one’s for sipping AND shots. (Oh, and a special thanks to Erik and Arika for saving the Festival by finding us two more cases at the last minute. We went through every bottle! We even named the pig after you! Erik, not Arika)

Distiller Information
Razov 472
763 12 Vizovice
Phone: +420 577 686 120

US Distributor Information
Neil Holtz, Vice President for Northern America
227 Plandome Road
Manhasset, NY 11030 USA
Phone:(973) 763-4971

RJelinek at AOL dot COM