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Flores - Zuta Osa


Never evaluated, not recommended

Zuta Osa has been produced by Flores, in Kragujevac, Serbia since 1985. Plagued by production, import, and distribution problems, we've heard different stories from different importers and distributors - ( that it was contaminated, that the labels didn't conform to Federal requirements, and that the few bottles on the shelf had been there for years and wouldn't sell) We did manage to find one, in the back room of an old liquor store.

Aged for several (?) years in oak barrels, and made with the ripest, pesticide-free plums. 90 proof

NOTE: This product is not certified organic.

2007 Notes: Now Super Imports is the exclusive importer. Since Marko has a reputation for only selling high quality products, 2007 may be the year we try it out. Until then, avoid this like a wasp at a picnic. (that was funny if you speak Croat, since Zuta Osa means 'yellow wasp', referring to the wasps that gather when the plums are overripe and ready to distill).

Let's wait to see if the new importer can deliver on a promise to deliver to the Festival. Timing is everything for a one day, once a year event. No Zuta Osa this year.

2006 Notes: No Zuta Osa this year.

2005 Notes: We haven't tried Zuta Osa, and can't find a distributor willing to admit that they even carry it anymore. If you see a bottle on the shelf at your local liquor store, leave it there. There's got to be a reason that the distiller and distributor are ashamed, and we don't recommend you risk your taste buds finding out why. A local distributor told us the Feds had impounded their inventory, but refused to comment on the reasons.

2004 Notes: We heard that it exists, and even found a dusty bottle sitting lonely and ignored on a bottom, but the distiller wasn’t willing to enter the competition. Hey, everybody’s got something to hide. We’ll take a pass on this, and won't recommend it until we try.

Distiller Information
Flores doo
34204 Divostin
Kragujevac, Serbia

Phone: + 381 34 562-217
Email: flores@eunet.rs

US Distributor Information
Was Super Imports in Rocklin, CA