Flores Bela Osa

Flores - Bela Osa


Never evaluated, not recommended

Bela Osa has been produced by Flores, in Kragujevac, Serbia since 1985. It's aged in stainless steel containers, bottled, and sold at 80 proof.

While we can't recommend their slivovitz, it's worth a few minutes to check out their website, if only for the gallery of photos of their sullen waitress/actress/model/lab technician peering intently at samples. (In real labs, technicians don't wear rings due to concerns about Alverez's "wedding-ring anomalies".)

2012 Notes: Nope

2006 Notes: Our invitation declined, so no Bela Osa this year either.

2005 Notes: We haven't tried Bela Osa. Despite our invitations, Flores isn't willing to enter the Festival Competition. We suspect that they have something to hide, but it's not really our business. It shouldn't be yours either.

Distiller Information
Flores doo
34204 Divostin
Kragujevac, Serbia

Phone: + 381 34 562-217
Email: flores@eunet.rs

US Distributor Information
Was Super Imports in Rocklin, CA