Bottle of Castle Spirits Slivovitz

Castle Spirits - Spirit of Solomon

United States of America

2012 Gold Medal - Sweet Style Slivovitz

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about the slivovitz

The small New York State distillery is tightly focused on the elderly Kosher market with a prune-based slivovitz that's aged with oak chips. As far as we know, their products are only available in New York, and only at Olander Liquors in Brooklyn at 718-436-1031, or another, completely separate, liquor store at 718-377-0500, and tell them the Festival sent you!

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2012 Notes: about the Slivovitz

Note: 2012 version plum brandy plum supreme proof not 105

2004 Notes: Surprisingly sweet, with a ripe plum flavor more like Uumeshu than we expected, this kosher slivovitz deserves consideration. Be careful, the ripe plum, with it's cherry and caramel notes, hides the 105 proof alcohol content. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Oh, and we’re still fighting over who gets the unique and distinctive bottle. This is a must have. Good luck trying to find it in your local liquor store! This Castle Spirits product is worth the search.

Distiller Information
Shloime's Slivovitz inc.
d/b/a Castle Spirits
18 Quickway Road
Monroe, NY 10950

Phone: 845-783-6332
Email: CSpirits at Juno dotcom