Bottle of Badel Slivovitz

Badel Stara Sljivovica


Who's bringing the Badel?

Roger Hertel from Stawski Distributing brought the Badel this year. Roger's been our reliable supplier for years, and we really, really appreciate him. Really.

Badel is a warm and friendly plum brandy. The Slavonian Oak aging mutes the tangy skin note and dulls the pit bite slightly. For novice Slivovitz drinkers, it's just about perfect.

By the way. We solved the Case of the Missing Badel Case! It turns out that our Director of Slivovitz Security, Adam Reilly (of Adam Reilly Detective Agency) has a lot of friends who love Badel, and each agreed to help him keep the Badel safe (from Pete and Jerry) by storing a bottle or two at their place. No word on when it's coming back, but we have no reason to believe that it's any time soon.

It's never a good sign when the distiller's website puts more emphasis on the number of shareholders than they do on their centuries of experience and tradition. Badel is the largest of the distillers in Croatia, and their investment in technology is paying off. One problem that distillers face as they increase production is in maintaining consistency. If you are distilling and bottling thousands of cases, you need millions of those common Bistrica plums. After a while, even the most rigorous quality control is going to be strained. Badel has managed to keep their quality high, which is a tribute to their hard work.

2012 Notes: Gold Medal - Best in Shows. Badel was a crowd favorite in the New York City Satellite Slivovitz Festival, and at our Satellite Festival in Washington, D.C.. At the main Fesival in Minnesota, Badel caused the usual squabbling amongst the Brothers Radosevich as we tried to decide who got the tiny amount left over after the crowd drank it all.

2006 Notes: Silver Medal - Traditional Style - We call this the ugly bottle that could, and it finally did. A warm, full body with a pleasant plum flesh finish that was nicely balanced by pit bite. The skin notes and plum aroma could be more pronounced, but it's fine the way it is.

2005 Notes: Bold, rich and strong, with a well balanced plum bite, this golden liquid is still the ugliest bottle, but a beautiful slivovitz.

2004 Notes: Honestly, the ugliest bottle, but what did we care? This rich golden slivovitz warms you up from the tongue down. A bit of pit bite, and the judges agreed that it is a good first slivovitz. The plum lingers after the alcohol leaves the tongue.

Distiller Information
Badel 1862 Distillery
Region IV: Overseas
Mislav Katovic, Area Manager
phone: 00 385 1 4609 449 / 555

US Distributor Information
Stawski Imports
Roger Hertel
2017 Mendell Street
Chicago, Illinois 60614
(773) 278-4848