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Slivovitz Cocktails

The Ultimate Collection

We don't approve, but recommended!

Frankly, there are only 2 things you can count on when it comes to Slivovitz. Our opinion, and the fact that if you smoke while drinking Slivovitz you are going to explode.

So yes, we're going to claim that we're the definitive list of all drinks made with Slivovitz as an ingredient, and here is why. We confirm each recipe with either the bar that invented it, or the distiller who's Slivovitz is listed as the main ingredient.

To enter a drink in this, the Ultimate Slivovitz Coctails Collection, all you have to do is send us the recipe, the name of the drink, and the name of the bar, and preferably bartender, that invented it. We'll mix up a batch, just for the hell of it, and test it out on some of the younger judges who are still a bit gullible. Then we'll contact the bar to confirm that it's actually for sale. Then we'll check with the distiller to see if they approve the use of their brand name in the recipe. Then we post it here, in the Ultimate Slivovitz Drinks Library.


Big Blue Plum - Invented by Tom, lead bartender at Campeillo's Uptown in Minneapolis.