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2013 Slivovitz Festival

New York City

We're giving it up til 2014!

Sponsored by: Queensboro Beer and Brewing Company, NY Beer is best when slivovitz is used to wash it down.

No New York City Festival for September 2013

Mother Nature was trying to tell us something in 2012-13 with three huge storms arriving on every scheduled festival date! We've decided to give New York a break for this fall and will resurrect the New York Satellite Slivovitz Festival in September 2014.

But if a Slivovitz Festival is on your MUST-DO list this year, head to the 9th Annual Slivovitz Festival in Washington DC/Maryland on September 21, 2013. Gonna be great fun!

More about 2013 Slivovitz Festival (Washington DC/Maryland)

Three in a row! New York City Festivals

2012 Notes: September 8 Low attendance due to tornado. Rescheduled for Monday, October 29

2012 Notes: October 29 Low attendance due to Hurricane Sandy. Rescheduled for Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Notes: February 13 Low attendance due to Winter Storm Nemo. Rescheduled for September, 2014

2012-2013 Highlights: Storm after storm, ISTA Slivovitz Judge Chrissy D and The Mickster valiantly hosted festival after festival despite the weather. Attendance may have been low but yeah there was always food. Sure there was always music. And be damn well sure the Slivovitz was always overflowing.

We were thrilled to have the legendary Klezmer band leader, trumpeter extraordinaire, and Slivovitz imbiber, Frank London in attendance! (only man in America with his own website!!!) Gates opened at 6:00 and didn’t close till dawn. Slivovitz bottles open at 6:01 and no corks were be kept. There was Slivovitz Tasting and Populist Judging. Later, crowning of the NYC Plum Queen and King (submited bribes were in clearly labeled envelopes) and plenty of Slivovitz drinking

Even later, coaxed some music out of the attendees!! Offered: R. Jelinek's 5 and 10 year old Slivovitz, Badel's 4 year old, Clear Creek's Blue Plum Brandy, Troyanska - both 4 and 7 year, and others.

2007 Launch and Highlights: When Paul Jeser proposed hosting a Satellite Slivovitz Festival in Manhattan in 2006, we thought it was a great idea. Then again, everything seems like a good idea when you're drinking Slivovitz! Paul convinced the Klezmatics to play, Master Slivovitz Judge Bill Radosevich agreed to referee, and the crowd went wild! R. Jelinek's finest Slivovitz flowed like water as the band played, people danced, pretty girls looked even prettier, and Bill was escorted out of his own Festival by New York's finest. (It's a long story) You just can't fit 800 Slivophiles into a bar already crammed with Klezmaniacs, and while the NYC Police love Slivovitz, their horses love it even more. (see: long story) Paul's video below contain no evidence use against us, but the fun only.

Satellite Slivovitz Festival, Washington, D.C. Marg Radosevich, 2007 tony Radosevich, 2006 Slivovitz Tasting Event