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For many years Slivovitz lovers have depended on ISDA, the International Slivovitz Drinkers Association, to train and certify Slivovitz Judges, host the annual Slivovitz Competition, provide slivovitz rankings, and sanction Slivovitz Tasting events like the Slivovitz Festival. We would love to have you join us and proudly display our stupid "ISDA - It's da Slivovitz!" bumper sticker, which seemed like such a good idea at the time.

We've got to be honest with you. While the annual membership dues are only $12.00, (less than a nickel a day if it's a leap-year!) this is not an inexpensive hobby. It's not just the dues, it's the Slivovitz, and the Festival. Your first year is easy. Become a member, and show up at the Festival ready to try lots of Slivovitz. We're happy to explain what we're tasting for.

You'll probably start collecting a modest library at first. A bottle of Clear Creek Blue Plum Brandy, and maybe a nice wood aged. Then you'll notice that we're drinking out of Reidel Vinum 416/17 crystal, while you're drinking from a shot glass, so you'll add a set ($33 for 2, plus shipping), and a case to carry them in ($35, plus shipping). Then you'll realize that you need to keep notes, since rookies always swallow, and get happy and forgetful. (we don't let you drive) The Official Slivovitz Judges Logbook is just $13 plus shipping. By now it's time to replace your empty Clear Creek, since you'll be tasting that often. As Heinlein mentions in his novel, "The Slivovitz is a Harsh Mistress", you always share your bottle of Clear Creek with another Judge during a tasting session, but it is always immediately replaced.

After a while, you'll start scouting out some of the rarer Slivovitz when you travel ($), then you'll start travelling to scout out rare Slivovitz. ($$$) You'll learn to always pick up several bottles. After a while, adding to the Official Library gets to be a habit, and the other Judges are always happy to swap bottles. At this point, your slivophobe friends will start making fun of you.

Have you noticed how expensive marriage counselling is? It's still cheaper than becoming an ISDA member.

Finally, when you're completely hooked, and can tell the difference between say, chilled Prava and R. Jelinek 5 year, we'll innocently ask you to help with the Festival. ( I drove 20 hours to pick up a case at the last minute last year, and Pete practically assembles the tent (30' x 60') by himself. Jerry is a pretty good supervisor, and Dale shows up with kegs of his excellent Lake Superior Brewing beer)

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