How to judge Slivovitz.

ISTA Guidelines

Slivovitz judges always spit while tasting, albeit reluctantly.

For many years Slivovitz lovers have depended on ISTA, the International Slivovitz Taster's Association, to train and certify Slivovitz Judges, host the annual Slivovitz Competition, provide slivovitz rankings, and sanction Slivovitz Tasting events.

Each year, ISTA collects examples of Slivovitz from distillers large and small all over the world, and each year a panel of experienced tasters begins opening bottles, comparing color, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, follow, and other factors to discover the best Slivovitz produced in the world that year. Unlike many tasting panels, the Slivovitz Festival does not charge a bottle entry fee and the judges are volunteers. Slivovitz is not just another insignificant category in some huge international beverage tasting procedure where the hired judges think Slivovitz is just another fruit brandy with a lower case 's'. We care about Slivovitz, we only care about Slivovitz, and our results show it. Importers, distributors, and retailers trust ISTA and the annual Slivovitz Festival Competition to guide their business. 20,000 Slivovitz drinkers visit our listings each month to figure out what to drink next.

Our ISTA Judges are donating their taste buds, time, and experience to help our Festival visitors find the Slivovitz that suits their palates. So how does it work? Well, if a distiller thinks that their slivovitz is worth drinking, they send us some information. We want to know what kind of plums they used, if they add yeast, sugar, or other additives, and how they distilled it. We send them a 3 page form to fill out, and review their websites for information and clues. Then, the distiller sends us samples of that years release (remember that some Slivovitz is aged for many years) and we start tasting.

Never tasted, Not recommended!

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2006 Notes: Silver Medal - Traditional Style - If you're going to sit down with your buddies and do shots, Prava is the bottle to grab. Prava provides an excellent example of 'pit bite', and slivophiles are advised to keep a bottle in their library. For the rest of you, drink up!

2005 Notes: Prava is good! The clear and traditionally styled slivovitz tastes like homemade. In a good way. With slight hints of leafy green, and a nifty, bold skin note, we don't hesitate to recommend this to new drinkers.

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